A dolphin commits s****ide in love with its trainer Angelina

A dolphin named Star and his trainer Angelina had a close bond.
Their relationship went beyond the usual trainer-animal relationship,
From the moment they first met,
The stars seemed to be speaking a silent language.
Angelina has the genius of a star,
Appreciated agility and playful nature,
While the star expressed the care and attention she received from Angelina.

A dolphin commits suicide in love with its trainer Angelina
A dolphin commits suicide in love with its trainer Angelina

Together, they embarked on a journey of learning and growth. Angelina needs a star,
Devoted hours to understanding desires and abilities,

They pushed boundaries, conquered new tricks, and delighted audiences with their incredible performances.

Beyond the applause and accolades, their relationship extended to quiet moments behind the scenes. Angelina often sat by the water,
Sharing her dreams, fears, and triumphs with Star. , Star

The star became more than just an actor. She became a confidant and source of comfort to Angelina.
During the difficult days, when doubts arose in Angelina’s mind,
Star’s presence reminded her of her own strength and the strength of their relationship.

As time passed,
With the new policies in place, the park management decided to separate Angelina and Star
As time passed the star could not bear the grief
And he committed suicide by suffocating himself underwater

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